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Bento Rules

Red, Yellow, Green, Brown/Dark, White/Light

Mind, I'm a college student - if I can do it, YOU can do it! Feel free to comment if you have any questions on any of my bentos!

This Time I Really Mean It

Last time I lied... I only got to Bento #37. Which was last APRIL. So... Now I'm going to update some. Because I mentioned that I am a shitty bento blogger, and need to get back into that... and realised I actually have a BACKLOG, so... let me get on that!


Oct. 5th, 2012

One of my otaku buddies introduced me to the WILDLY inappropriate anime, "Ebichu, the House Cleaning Hamster". One of the scenes really got me ("I shall wash your cds to show my appreciation!" -scrubs all of the CDs with wire mesh so that they are shiny-) and I wanted to post a "EBICHU. What r u doin. EBICHU. STAHP" post, and... accidentally found this! Because it is bento, and adorable, and I love you guys (and secretly want you to join in the 'what the frak?!' (NSFW!!! At ALL.) here is an awesome bento I found quite on accident while looking for a good pic.


Oi... Another Mass Update 9/15/12

I KNOW. I'm lame. Last update was #35. XD Ready to do a spit take at the screen? -le sigh- Time for some new bentos, everypony!



TOO COOL!!! I so wish I could find one of these...


Bento #43 (Breakfast)

I found these Jamaican chicken patties! I don't know if I posted these yet... THEY'RE REALLY TASTY. They're a dollar store thing, so not anything to win awards with, but they cook up in the microwave, and they got a good little zing to them for morning foods. Also, sliced strawberies!

Ruleswise: Good colour! It's only the two, but HEY. WOW. THOSE ARE BRIGHT. Not the healthiest thing, meat-wise, but they were delightfully flaky and TASTY. And fruits!



Bento #42 (Breakfast)

So... I found these fruit-filled pancakes at the store. They're a little unweildy to cook, but actually pretty tasty. Leftover sausage/veggie stir fry, and of course, sliced strazzleberries. You KNOW how much I love mah strazzleberries. #DeliriousFromLackOfRealFoodAsIMarathonUpdateTheseThings

Ruleswise: Those pancakes are a poor excuse for carbs, but if you consider that we have vegetables as well, I'll let it slide. Meat and fruit, including from the pancakes. Colourwise, LOVELY. Green yellow red, and a dark (meat) and light (strawberry core). VERY good bento!

Results: ...tasty, too! I like these pancakes. I might have to try them again some time.


Bento #41

WAFFLE SAMMIES. BECAUSE. Waffles with ham, cheese, pickles, honey mustard. A salad of spring mix, sliced strawberries, and shortbread cookies. Croutons and pomegranate vinagrette for garnish.

Ruleswise: Actually, not bad with the portions! Waffles for carbs, ham for meat, pickles and salad for greens, and a good helping of fruit with the strawberries. Colourwise... ehh. Red, green, light, dark, more green pickles, pink and yellow for the sammies. Not too bad... but I've certainly had better.

Results: Delicious, of course!


Bento #40 (Breakfast)

Just a quick little bento. Waffle, strawberry slices, hotdog cubes.

Ruleswise: Meat, protein, fruit, check! And it's PRETTY. Bright yellow and red alongside the meat! Loverly!

Results: ...tasty, too! Though I could have done with some condiments...


Massive Bento Upload, 4/14/12

Eurgh... commence major upload. If you're not following, I'm posting my bentos on my twitter as I sit down to eat them. SO YOU GET REAL TIME BENTO ACTION IN REAL TIME. Or something similarly awesome. I warn you, though: some of these things are mighty tasty, and may cause you to be extremely hungry and/or jealous of my mad bentoing skills.

ALSO. Awesome Spongebob Bento I saw on Facebook:

That is all.

~Lady K
(And yes, I'm posting these according to the time I ate them, not necessarily when I post them... BECAUSE THE PICTURES ARE TIME AND DATE MARKED FOR MY CONVENIENCE. At this moment, I will commence with Bento #27! Because that's how far behind I am...)

Bento #39

Have you tried the new Taco Bell Loco Tacos? Because... I KNOW, Doritos!tacos, sounds crazy, but DUDE. DOOOOOOD!!! They're so freakin' tasty! You have NO IDEA until you've tried one. A leftover loco taco, sliced in half, another orange, Thin Mints (UNTIL THEY ARE ALL GONE), some spring mix, crackers, and ham.

Ruleswise: Proportionally... ehh. The whole lunchbox is pretty light, to be honest. Crackers and taco for carbs, veggies in the salad and the taco, meat in the taco and ham, and fruit. Colourwise, SPLENDIFEROUS. Orange, green, pink, yellow, dark, light! And the orange in with the green makes for a real nice pop of colour, me thinks.

Results: ...um, awesome as loco tacos are, they don't keep well in a bento. XD Definitely the kind of thing to only ever eat fresh... (Soggy Doritos are not a happy thing.)


Bento #38

...don't say shit about those shoes. Those shoes are AMAZING. Bre found them for me thrifting, and they're awesome. Polka dots and pink/green shoes mean clowning, because I'm a girl on the go! #PayasaPower! For today's bento, we have fried chicken leftovers, an orange (peeled for my convenience!), Club crackers, spring mix salad (like you do), some shredded turkey, and thin mints (again...).

Ruleswise: Proportionswise, it needs more carbs. And I'll be honest, that chicken isn't the best thing as far as protein count, but the turkey helps. Maybe a bit over done with the veggies (I told you...) and a nice fruit serving, and the cookies. Colourwise, we did AMAZING! Yellow, orange, green, dark, light! The chicken is an unkind colour, but it's almost an auburn, me thinks...

Results: That chicken was really pretty rough. But everything else was just fine!


Entry #37

I got to make my AMAZINGLY awesome and ridiculously addictive and tasty chicken pot pie casserole! It's a fairly easy and hearty recipe, and I LOVE IT. Which is why the entire top tier is just awesomeness pie. Bottom has the obligatory salad, some crackers, those lovely cookies, and some of the turkey again.

Ruleswise: Pie has craptons of carbs, veggies AND meat in it (peas and carrots, type thing mixed vegetables, plus diced chicken breast in the gravy). The bottom tier has more veggies (salad), meat (ham) and carbs (cookies and crackers) so we're good with the dietary. Colourwise, it's actually really good. Pink, green, orange, light and dark. With spots of green and orange in the golden of the pie, so actually a visually appealing meal.

Results: FREAKIN' DELISH. Of course. Although I ended up not being able to finish the pot pie (THOUGH I TRIED) because it was just so bloody FILLING...


Bento #36

Blurry shot, sorry about that. Salad as usual, with some white cheese on top. An orange in pieces, some turkey (sandwich meat technically, but it shreds nicely for salad garnish), some rather pathetic chicken that I had sliced up, Club crackers, and of course, the seasonal favourite - Thin Mints.

Ruleswise: Meats - turkey and chicken. Fruits - orange. Veggies - salad. Carbs - crackers. Colourwise, the bottom tier leaves a bit to be desired - that chicken was a general fail all around. The kind that you nuke and then feels all rubbery? Let's be happy I had honey mustard. But besides that, there's some nice contrast with light/dark with the crackers and cookies, and the pink/orange/green of the top tier is actually nice. Not spectacularly amazing, but nice.

Results: Not bad. A bit of a surplus of cookies (but it's GIRL SCOUT COOKIE SEASON, so no one can fault me for that) and the chicken was awful, but other than that, good combo. Even if I rarely eat all of my crackers...


Bento #35

Today is a little... ehh. I mean, diced hot dogs? That's just a special kind of lame. BUT LOOK AT THE ACOUTREMENTS. Lipton tea, Cranberry juice, a can of store-brand Dr. Pepper (probably) and a value cup (also of Dr. Pepper, one wouldn't wonder - this time on tap) and HONEY MUSTARD, waiting for them little doggies, and my little work hat and Bento strap and time card... And my notebook! Because who needs to simplify their background when they have so much CRAP on the table during their lunch break?

Ruleswise: Carbs are a bit short, and the greens are a bit over proportion, but everything's accounted for: crackers for carbs, salad for greens, hot dogs for meat, strawberries for fruit, and even COOKIES. Odds are good I didn't drink all that crap (just the on-top poison of choice) but it was in the picture... Colourwise... eh. Almost, but not quite.

Results: That honey mustard is good, man. A rather simple, almost silly lunch, but quite tasty enough. AND IT JUST LOOKS PRETTY if you ignore the hot dogs and pretend there's something pretty there...

Bento #34

Ehh... A bit on the run, today. SO, I made sammiches. BUT, we're out of bread, SO I made WAFFLE sammiches. Which are like regular sammiches, only with WAFFLES. It actually worked out nicely, because it kept the honey mustard rather nicely - also, ham and white American cheese (because I feel not-as-bad about eating American cheese if it's at least not that atrocious yellow colour). Halfed, and then nestled in (I ATE THE FOURTH HALF WHILE MAKING THE BENTO BECAUSE IT LOOKED SO FRAKKING YUMMY. And because it didn't quite fit. I also totally ate the sandwiches by themselves right there at the bus stop and ate the salad later...). Salad, strawberries and Thin Mints in the other half. Like I do.

Ruleswise: Carbs for waffles, meat for ham, fruit for strawberries, veggies for salad. (Yes, I did that backwards.) Also, cookies. The sandwich COULD be more substantial, but whatevs. I was in a rush. Colourwise, not too bad, though - red, green, black, yellow, and a little pink and white. And gold, if you count the mustard. Actually, a rather colourful bento in the end.

Results: Oh, that sammich was mighty tasty. And I already told you how much I love the rest of it the other day...

Bento #33 (Breakfast)

A quick and easy breakfast bento today: waffles with apple jelly and a diced chicken tenderloin breast, with a healthy serving of honey mustard, OBVIOUSLY. I did mention it is my most favourite condiment, like, EVER.

Ruleswise: Carb and protein heavy, and bonus fruit stuffs! Colourwise, rather... yellow. So, fail.

Results: It was decidedly yummy, too! Although the chicken tends to be a bit extra chewy where it's mostly breading rather than meat at the ends. And since it's nuked food... Ehh. You know how it be. But considering it's NUKED food, it's splendiferously satisfactory.

Bento #32

TALK ABOUT JOY IN A BOX. Today we had manicotti (which hardly survived its original cooking - the microwave decided to kaput after the pure AWESOMENESS of this dish finished cooking, so I had to wait until we got a new one, like, the next day before I could make this bento. WHICH IS JUST SAD because manicotti is TEH SCHITTE.

So, manicotti (as I said), with Club crackers (oh such yumminess...), fresh strawberries (OMG MAH FAVRITE), Thin Mints (it's Girl Scout cookie season again!!!) and of course a side salad of my favourite spring mix. TALK ABOUT JOY IN A FRAKKING BOX, YOU GUYS.

Ruleswise: Carbs and meat in abundance? Manicotti and crackers - check. Veggies after? Salad is a very happy check. Fruit after? STRAWBERRIES ARE A CHECK. I even got dessert! Proportionately, I'm AMAZING today. And colourwise I am ON FIRE! Red! Green! Dark! Light! ...Manicotti tastes better than you look, but DAMN DID IT TASTE GOOD. But that bottom tier is amazingly beautimous colourwise!

Results: It was joy in a box. What can I say?! You know, if you eat Thin Mints and strawberries together, IT TASTES LIKE CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES. Which in a way, it is. Also? MANICOTTI. Best thing ever, this Italian food. COMFORT FOOD FOR THE WIIIIN...

Bento #31

Ah, spring mix salad greens! I love thee so much... So, salads are awesome, in case you didn't know, and I LOVE THEM. Said salad was served with fresh onion, turkey, crackers (for CRUMBLING of course!) and pineapples on the side. Also, fresh lemonade (*SNERK*), some M&Ms and a vanilla frosty. Because I work at Wendy's now, and I totally made myself an M&M... err... whatever the Frosty equivalent of a Blizzard/McFlurry would be, because it's NOT a McFlurry. AT ALL. >.>

Ruleswise: A bit overkill on the veggies, actually, and not enough carbs and meat, so ratiowise, a bit of a fail, but I don't know that I really care because OMG FRESH SALAD. Just saying, odds are good I will break that rule a lot. Ratiowise bad, but I hit the checklist - turkey for protein, crackers for carbs, craptons of veggies, and pineapple for fruit (acourse). Colourwise, ehh. White, pink, yellow, green... If you count the M&Ms and frosty, SURE, you get your colours... But I don't think you really CAN since it's not in the bento box...

Results: Well, dessert was awesome... I had it all through lunch! The salad was scrumptious, although the crackers tend to get a smidge soggy - the ones closet to the turkey, that is, get a smidge moist (what a horrid word, 'moist') but still crumbled nicely. Odds are good I had some of the pomegranate vinegarette from work with this... but maybe I stashed some dressing under the greens. WHO KNOWS? This kind of guesswork is what happens when I don't post immediately...

Bento #30

Some more of that white rice, again slathered in honey mustard. Some hot dogs, apple slices (cured with Italian vinegarette, if I remember right) and stuffed tomatoes. YUM.

Ruleswise: Veggies, carbs, meat, fruit - all present and accounted for! And in good proportions. Colourwise, a bit too much yellow and red... even if the tomatoes had a nice amount of colour in them on their own.

Results: The stuffed tomatoes... were far better fresh. The rice wasn't much better today, and I confess I had the Chex Mix as a back-up for just that reason. The apples came out slimy, so I will DEFINITELY have to get some lemon juice so I can cure them properly... It's on my grocery list, I swear. Overall, a pretty disappointing bento.

Bento #29 (Breakfast)

So, I went to church on Sunday and, like they do, they have BREAD there. Our church has this nifty thing with the local Panera so's they can go pick up day-old bread on Sat. night rather than throw it away - we get free bread for churchfolk, and Panera writes it off as a business expense. Sweet deal, right? I happened to snag some bread after service, and among the things was this rather yummy cinnamon croissant! So, you know what I did: I toasted it and chopped it up and put it in my bento! To be honest, it was a day full of chopping - I also had apple slices and a hot dog chopped up in this morning's bento.

Ruleswise: Meat and carbs AND fruits! Winning, today! Colourwise, rather fail - the apple slices make for yellow and red, I suppose, but then you have the meat... and the croissant. It's pretty bland and unattractive to look at. Not too bad proportionately... though it could do with more carbs of a less sugary variety.

Results: The croissant was damned tasty, but my attempt at keeping the apples was... pretty sad. It was kinda 'blech' but edible.

Bento #28

Today's lunch was more of that white rice, served alongside grilled chicken (diced) and garnished with honey mustard (one of my favourite condiments EVAR) for our top tier. The bottom tier has fresh spinach leaves (underneath of which is some 1000 Island salad dressing), croutons, and some strawberry jam. Because.

Ruleswise: ...because strawberry jam TOTALLY counts as fruit content, right? It was a bit lame, but for a fresh start, I think I didn't do TOO horrible. Rice and croutons make for a rather impressive starch/carbs count, and the chicken is a good amount of protein - and spinach for veggies. I even say I did well(-ish) colourwise - white for the rice, yellow for the mustard, an almost gold for the croutons, green for the spinach, and a nice dark red for the strawberries. The chicken and rice come off a bit redundant, but I think I did a good job otherwise. The ratio isn't bad, but the strawberry jam really is a shameful attempt at a fruit insert...

Result: As with breakfast, rice was kinda 'meh', but the mustard helped. I don't remember if/how I ate the jam... Might have used rice or some not-shown Club crackers... The spinach was dressed in thousand island (you can just make it out if you look hard enough) and topped with croutons. It was a rather bland, kind of 'meh' meal over all, and not the prettiest/tastiest bento on the list, for sure.

Bento #27 (Breakfast)

Hi there! Today, we have white rice (made by the ever-lovely Janine... though I'm not sure when), two eggs, sloppy (which means, my original intent was over easy or summat, and then I screwed it up and ceased to care) and a waffle, with apple jelly sandwiched inside it.
Ruleswise: Protein and carbs, yes. Even a little fruit! So good as far as content. Proportion isn't bad, either. Colours on the other hand... I'll give white and dark, but too much yellow. And the apple is more a caramel coloured jelly, IF you see it (which you can't) so you still lose. But if I pretend it's an apple, that's red, so... not so bad.
Results: Ehh... I didn't cook the rice terribly well, so it clumped up (which is rather unpleasant) and it was rather bland to begin with. I've a firm policy against things tasting bland... Some duck sauce would have been lovely, and the eggs came out a bit charred as well - they could have taken the sauce as well. The waffle-with-jam is always a pleasant treat, though, even if the apple jelly in particular is a bit light in taste...

Bento #26 (Breakfast)

Hello, everyone! I know it's been a while, but I'm back! I have very pretty, LEGIT bento boxes now (I'll get the deets later for you) -- one of which is a very handsome black two-tiered bento (which I shall use for lunches) and the other is a small, pretty pink one (which I shall use for breakfasts). I even have a legit bento bag - it's yellow and has adorable teddies and kanji on it. Again, pix and deets later. Also, I'm posting these after the fact, but I'm tweeting the pix on my twitter (@ladyslupe13) before I eat them, so... Yeah. But, it's a private twitter, so you'll just have to wait until I post it later...

For now, let's get started! This first one is breakfast - two hot dogs (I know there's a specification for what it is with what meat is in it, but they're a conglomeration of things, so... yeah), Club crackers, and a nice spoonful of strawberry jelly (or is it jam? Again, I know there's a difference, but I don't feel like checking it at present...).

Ruleswise: My breakfasts are pretty carb and protein heavy, since I need the energy for work, and it's a much smaller bento. Ratio-wise, not too bad, mostly carbs (crackers), the protein (dogs) and even a fruit, for fun tiems (jelly). Colourwise... it could be better, but it could also be worse.

Results: The meal was actually pretty yummy, even if it's a bit tricksy to manage to get jelly on your crackers without getting it on yourself. It shifted a little in transit (I pack the bento and catch the bus, then eat breakfast while I wait for the 1), which was sad, but it was a good ratio, packing-wise. The jelly/jam/whatever idea is a good one for fruit ratios...

Bento #25 - Breakfast & Lunch

Yeah, I'm gonna put them together, why not? First off, first bento in WAY too long. Secondly, I'm still trying to get used to waking up at six in the morning, so my logic was a bit... off. Also... veggies were scarce. And I had leftovers to be rid of, so... I promise, it'll get better when I get more moneyz :P

For the morning bento, it was pretty simple:

Two poached eggs - I just got a poached egg tray for nuking mah eggs, and they worked, but about five seconds before two minutes in, one of them exploded out of the tray. ...One of the things about eggs: they like to explode. As it is, I kind of anticipated they wouldn't come out perfect the first time (as I said, JUST bought the tray, will take a little experimentation to get it right) but they were fully cooked and intact, but for some small bits, and VERY yummy - I ate them with a healthy dollop of honey mustard, which is what's under the fork. Also, two waffles, sandwiched with some apple butter I got from a Cracker Barrell - usually I do a jam/jelly/preserve AND a bit of cream cheese, but the lunch bento was pretty bad... so I made up for it by killing the cream cheese. 

The lunch bento on the other hand...:

Yes, that's chinese food. Terribly unhealthy stuff. General Tso's, at that, AND remnants of fried rice (leftovers - wanted to eat it before too long, and as I said before - six in the morning. Mental capacities not there). Also... chocolate cake. Because I also have a huge slab of chocolate cake I haven't eaten, so I dealt a slice. A hoagie, broken in half, lines the western wall, while three fig newtons are on the southern wall.

Yes, that's all that's in it.

As far as rules, breakfast: 1, lunch: -3, I think. Breakfast has some basic carbs, fruit, and even a protein, with the added awesome of a condiment - I've grown to appreciate and ADORE mustard over the last few years, let me tell you. Colourwise, we get some white, yellow with the mustard, and a brownish-red for the apple butter, and while the cream colour of the waffles is a bit off, considering that this was also rushed and before 7 in the morning, I say not bad. Passing, applaudable, even. Not to mention damn yummy. The apple butter is a bit subtle, but very good. The eggs, while looking like they survived a werewolf attack and winning no fashion contests, where fascinating in their ragged way, and plenty scrumptious. I heard a suggestion of vinegar, so that's something I'll have to try out sometime... Lunch, we got carbs, sure, but the protein? That chicken is cheating, at best. Chinese is TERRIBLE for you, much as I love it ^-^ I honestly couldn't find any veggies but canned corn or mixed veggies (although I DID find some peppers and onions - I have some sausage that will go lovely with that!) and will need to make a ginormous batch of rice, as well. Replacing veggies with chocolate cake isn't something I suggest, and I would have been more adamant about following the rules if I had been more sane when concocting the bento. Colourwise? DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH. Red chicken, maybe purple for the figs, and the nearly black cake, but half the bento is yellow! Very fail. :P A very bad bento, and I'm almost ashamed to show it, but needs must do what one must. I promise to do better in the future!

...Yeah, I have a whole pack of fig newtons, so those'll be about for a bit, but I might not pack THREE of them in the future... they're pretty rich, and more a dessert than a side XD ... also, saladstuffs! If I can get more XD Signing off for now!

Once More, With Feeling!

...I'd usually say something geeky about that allusion, but I honestly don't know where that comes from. (Need to check that...) I Think it's Shakespeare, so we'll go with that.

SO ANYWAY. I know a bunch of you are like, 'wha...? Who dis?' because I haven't posted in so long. Well, I have a long sob story about a stolen laptop, the replacement not having a webcam, and the lack of a similar digital optical capture device, but I have one, now! I also have college, again, and the combo means, bentos!

Now, I have this crazy idea that, instead of taking one class a day, I jam all my classes into only two days a week (generally a MoWe or TuTh schedule) thus increasing my optimum employment opportunities (should such an employment opportunity present itself - ie, time to work if I can find a job) or otherwise enjoy the rest of the week doing... whatever the hell it is I wanna do. These days, it's crafting (I has an Etsy now!), Facebookerin', writing, and whatever other artsy fartsy things I get up to. The result is a Mo schedule of 8-2 (which means if I have something to do downtown, you get a lunch bento, but don't count on it - I'm more likely to go home and eat there... So no guarantee of bento) and a We schedule of - get this - 8-2, and 4-10. Yes, that means I have a two hour break for lunch, and will be here ALL DAY. So, I will have a lunch bento AT LEAST once a week, and occassionally more often than that (if I make something in that style) and maybe even the occassional breakfast 'bento', which is basically my meal to go. Breakfast bentos emphasise carbs, protein, and fruit, and will be smaller and simpler, whereas the lunch is the full-big bowl bento with all five food groups, when possible. If I'm cheating, I'll let you know.

As it is! I hope you lot enjoy my bento blog, and I look forward to sharing my lunch with you!

Snack happy! Eat Healthy
~Lady K



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